Coins, not simply an exchange instrument


Coins is neutral, because it is only a passive instrument, useful for the implementation of the exchanges, that will happen anyway. (Calame 2011, f. 300)

A.1. Coins more than a measure of the value of the product

Each tool has a value, which translates into financial language to its price, it linked so directly to the currency, money. So, as viewed latter plays an important role not only in the implementation of an exchange, but above all in determining the value of the vehicle that will be exchanged. As a result of the depreciation, the value of the vehicle varies every moment of it. At the time of purchase, the buyer must take into account not only benefits from the vehicle, but also the speed of depreciation. This means that the price determined in the currency has a very deep financial logic which never should be avoided, because in the worst case the realization of such an exchange could we result in the loser.
Money is needed not only because it measures the value of goods or goods to be exchanged, but at the same time should be taken into account that this value can change over time, the process of acquisition of further, so the amount of money, currencies which includes the exchange of important factors. It should be noted that the money derived from naturally arises from the exchange and sharing. At first coins will serve as commodity-money therefore will not be exchanged; later, when determining the value of goods, which in a less competitive market mechanisms ve determined by market supply and demand is the exchange, which does not end there as a process, but also goes beyond it.
Exchange value of money, can exist separately, divided by matter (paper or metal – coins, money). The proportion in which a commodity is determined by the money exchanged in many other elements, including the time, so I’m talking about the time it takes to produce a product.
We have seen that the exchange value is equal to the relative labor time embodied in the product and on the other with money, currency. So an exchange can never be realized without the participation of two or more individuals. So one party gives the coins and take the product to the other side while the opposite happens. All this happens through bank intermediation.
The value of the rate is an inherent quality of the goods, which are the property of both money and form a mutual respect based on the realization of the exchange. All stocks of banks, or deposits are the result of savings realized from profits generated at work or in business. It is worth highlighting the fact that principles of free trade should be extended to all businesses, wherever they are, in every country, by creating fluctuations in the currency market, exchange rates, which make an exchange of currency commodity in a country of the globe do not have the same value as in another country of the globe. All the contradictions of the monetary system and the exchange of products according to the monetary system, are developing connectivity products, exchange value, the definition of their value as the value of parts or pure and simple.
A.2. psychological link
There is also an important element to consider, and it is spiritual emotional and psychological relationship that create currency. The attraction that exists for money often goes beyond the perception that we may have to; This attraction, which sometimes is inexplicable. This bond that we have for money, currency, goes well beyond the everyday consumption or savings. So a person even though buying a commodity which is necessary to become part of his life, and he gives sellers currencies, again feels bad when Lagon Monet money by ourselves. The need to have more money, we need arises not only to buy other necessary Mallare, but more the impact that currency that gives us our mind. So even when we fill our need for a product or service, we think about it again. So what is it about the psychological and emotional makes us to look at the process of buying or selling, not merely as an exchange, but something further, then it is a process that gives us able emoconale for money, and makes us who we we fight back to earn that money.
Thus philosophers have determined the relationship between the individual and the currency. These relations have often led to the creation of a free individuality, that has led to real wars njerësit in. We have seen numerous examples of shumbuj creation of kingdoms and their upheavals before the birth of Christ; indicating that: the bond that is created between man and the currency is not only a current physical connection, the exchange conducted, but a deeper connection that creates the emotional human relations for the currency.

Money makes the world turn. It is the root not only of goods but also evil. Their management, represents a separate skill as a challenge to man. When it comes to currencies, money, everybody has an opinion and everyone is interested. Some are more obsessed with, while others bit indifferent, but eventually all go to it, after all we need money to meet the needs and desires. Money, coins, help us to provide not only the needs for security, food housing, but also the highest need, it’s based on the theory needs Masllow. Well, we work all day, with great diligence, in order to finally provide the money we need for ourselves and for our famijlen. Proper money management, enable us to fulfill the desire additional plus basic needs.
Despite this side of the spectrum relative to currencies (fixing excessive or too nonchalant), good management of these is a valuable skill for us, helping us to benefit in time (not only now but in the future) . Although we can enjoy a good quality of life, yet we struggle to achieve the above. Good money management helps us to maximize what we have and helps us to ensure as much money needed for the present and the future. Most people do focus than before it, but it is important that we know how much we spend and where we spend it. Critical is that we do not spend more than we earn. Dëshitojnë Most people who have more money. From their proper management, we can achieve more spare. It helps us that over time, we accumulate more wealth, being able later to preserve or to spend as we please. It is worth to mention is the fact of interdependence that man can create with money. This connection should be managed to create good man, otherwise it may lead to actions or unpleasant consequences. Coins, although seemingly small, its significance is great.
A.3. Coins between social relations
Dissolution of all products and activities, presupposes the exchange rate of dissolution, related to personal relationships of dependence on production and all producers dependencies on each other. The production is a complex process with many links and interconnections. Thus production of a product is associated with the production of another, who uses the product before production, as raw material for it. The production process continues until the final product is created and can be freely bought by consumers. The price of the product placed on the market includes both the cost of production and continues to cost distribution and intermediaries, wholesalers or retailers. But on what is important, it is because the price determines the value of the goods, ie the amount of coins that this item will be exchanged. So, this value goods should include all components from production to the distribution of the product. This look not only to the exchange of goods, but also services. And all the men form a mutual or unilateral dependence being created in this way their social connection. This social connection is expressed in parts value. This exchange value can sometimes seem isolated in itself due to the individualization of money. Thus, for example some people find it difficult to understand how a social relationship simply translates into money. But in this case I want to emphasize the fact that money has a much deeper, more philosophical, not merely the realization of an exchange of goods or services, but it is part of our lives even deeper, even social connections that we create every day.
Thus individual carries his social power. Activity, regardless of the individual appearance, as well as product activity, regardless of its backbone already exists, constitute always a spare value and exchange value in this case can be defined as the expectation in which individuality and are denied or erased backbone already exists.
Social character of this activity is based on the connection between individuals, sometimes it creates their subjection to this relationship (eg submission of varfës man without money to him rich), which brings the clash between individuals. This thing we have to prove by its history, where njërësit fought for power, for coins, money.
General exchange of activities and products has created a vital condition for every individual. In exchange value, social connection between people, is transformed into a social relation between things, so often created social relationships or relationships based on financial, mutual exchange realized. Division of labor exchange and stand in line right for each other.

Since all work, but the product that you produce will not be anything without going into the process of exchange between. Exchange course relates not only to the acquisition of part of the overall production capacity, but also the transformation of the product appropriately to use, and throughout this process a role art plays coins.
Exchange mediated by exchange value, coins money or money presupposes a relationship of dependency, not only between manufacturers with each other, but the manufacturer customer, thus creating the connection of interests between the parties, which It creates the social divisions, additions class . So about and doing a little analysis above it can be said that these relations on the basis of mutual interests lead to more or men, stands coins. Eg. who will not only coveted, but will retain close to a person with a high income. Coins, as seemingly small human brings power, realization of desires, if he is always able to manage better, after all this can turn even bumeran. There is also the pressure of market demand and supply of brokering mutually connection of persons involved in an exchange.
A.4. Coins as a symbolic value
Jean-Michel Servet in his article on paleo-casting coins, notes that the exchange is a link that when finishes, i.e. exchange goods or payment of debt is accumulating. A little like how cohesion provided psycho-chemical systems of the exchanges between atoms and molecules, only exist through a community liaison intermediary between its members and those maintained Only through an uninterrupted chain of material exchanges, social or symbolic. Turning to the battery again Wonder publicity, communication and relations only wasted if we do not use. This we followed in everyday language when we say “to maintain relations”. No exchange when the community and the community when they organized a permanent flow of exchanges. Currency exchange is a tool and symbol of the community. From here comes an important consequence: there is equally possible coins as there are communities that decide to consolidate their ties through exchange. For example, for people of my generation, the use of the euro has a great symbolic value. It is still too early to say if the euro will keep promises to Prosperi for Europe. As always the case history of the European construction, today we are in a situation of imbalance: the creation of the euro will sooner or later lead to a harmonization of economic and fiscal policies. But beyond these material effects, impressed the symbolic value of the disappearance of borders and the use of a common currency. I feel a stranger in EU countries where the need to exchange money and cross borders. I feel like in my house in the eurozone. The adoption of the common currency is a community charter. Kohezinot challenge of this community is to maintain, to make more dense and visible, exchanges within it. Coins is a privileged means to make, although not the only one. Many established networks, such as social networks conducted at internet, whose icon is facebook, maintained by swapping coins although not interfere (Calame, 2011, p. 301)
E based on the above analysis, the currency can say that has a great symbolic value. So every country in the world has its own currency, which differs from the others. This coin represents the national identity. This identity is linked so directly with the mutual relationship with citizens create their own currency. This though seemingly simple, in itself is quite deep, because the existence of a currency represents not just the physical side of it, it looks and touch, but it also bears upon himself the entire history of the past. This story relates not only to the history of the creation of the currency in the past, which is a cornerstone for the creation of the state, but also with the history of his country. Thus, for example in daily look embossed on paper currency histike national figures, part of national pride, reminding us every time that part of the past which is essential for the present.




Coins, a physical instrument which helps us to carry out an exchange, I think there is a much deeper view of conceptual it out.

First, Coins serves more than simply measuring the value of the product. This indicator: Product price includes the value of the product arising from the production process through to distribution, intermediary institutions, depreciation or factors of market supply and demand. In the analysis of these elements included not only work, but also time, which may give value to the product or not. So when analyzing an exchange, and participating currencies, should know that we are exchanging currencies, it has a great weight Clamping Elements representing all mentioned above.

Secondly, there is the fact of psychological bonding, emotional in the currency we create. This makes us to look at the process of buying or selling, exchanging, as a process that gives us emotional for money, and makes us that we fight back to win them.

Thirdly, for good or for bad, coins lies between social relations. We create these relationships between individuals and what are called class layers, the subdivision of the people in rich and poor. However, it is up to us how we come to manage currency and social relationship that arises when it stands in the middle.

Fourth coins as a symbolic value representing the national identity. Thus the existence of the currency goes beyond the physical side, vulnerable to history, national symbols and history of a country.

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Hi! I'm Mike Adams, a guy from Kentucky, in love with online business. I'm the one behind of this blog. The reason why I created this is to share helpful stuff not only for money or economy in general, but for making money online. This site is THE BEST to generate money online and create online business. I can help you with any question you have commenting here or at official email: Love you Mike :)