Mistake that you have to avoid when you create a site

  1. Write a good title for your site


The title is the first thing you look at a site. Depending how attractive and good the title is, it can be the main factor for visitors to click on your site. Also it should be easy to understand. It is very important that the title should be related to the article of the site. For example: if you put the page title: how to lose weight, the article inside the page should contain information how to lose weight. Don’t try to lie the customers, or give them incorrect information, because if this way you are destroying your online business, you are losing customers, they will never get back to your site, and will get bad reviews that will impact the future of your site.

I recommend you to write a short, optimistic title.


  1. Never create a site that is not informative for customers


This is one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of affiliate do. They open a site to promote and sell the product, and in this site they only write good things about the product, they only do a simple marketing of the products for the customers to buy it, and that’s it. NO it is wrong. Lets substantiate the error. A affiliate wants to sell a product on HOW to lose weight. He opens a site and there he inserts the affiliate link. In the site he write about the product, why it is good, and the product maintain. This is a BAD strategy, because it forced the customers to buy the product, and none of them will do it. To convince a customers to buy a product, you should follow a soft strategy. You have to write article about the methods on how to lose weight, to attract the audience in your site, and only in the end you should write: “ For the best methods on how to lose weight, click the link below” (the link must contain the affiliate link) , “The full information on How to lose weight is below”, “Our company can help losing weight by following this instructions” .

The idea is that you  must not force the audience to buy the product only by doing “marketing product”, but at first you must give to them some good ideas on how to LOSE weight (but NOT the full information), and then give them the alternative to “BUY the Product that you are promoting” ,if they want to read the full information, the full article that you have written in the page.



  1. Don’t lose contact with the Customers



You have to maintain the contact with your customers. If you break down the connection with customers, you’ve missed out a huge opportunity.


The best way to create contact with your customers is to create your email list and send them an email, to get in touch with them. To create your email list, you have to get your subscribers.

Try offering them a special offers, so in this way they will live you their email address. Much more email address you collect with the people that are interested in your product or service, the better is for you, to have a great success for your online business.




  1. Don’t choose a common design


It is very important to choose a proper design for your site. It must be attractive for the customers. The design of the site must have all the elements required such as a beautiful structure, light effect, photos related to the title of the site, and a good writing. Don’t forget to enter in the site the “email box” , that the consumers to enter their email address. Those elements are very important to attract them in your site.


  1. Don’t do grammatical errors


You should consider yourself very lucky in the visitors not only click in your site, buy they also read all the articles. For this you must have NO ONE Single grammatical error. Everyone that see your site is a man, with felling and emotions, so is very important to leave good impression on the people. If the peoples see that there is something wrong with site, they lose the trust, so they will not buy the product, and they will never come back in your site again.

You have open a site to make sales on the internet (don’t forget this fact). If you are not enough professional, how are you going to make a sale?!


Advice for selling  products online.


If you have decided to sell product online, I must tell you that there no REAL way of making money, unless you have created a site to launch and promote your product. Below I will write some advice for you to avoid mistakes on your online business.




  1. Create a business plan


If you are up to build something, the first think that you must do is  create a plan for your business. So, you have decided to make money through internet, to open an online business. A lot of people have enter to the online business with the hope to make money, BUT NOT all the people have success. They have fail and the most worst part of this is because they have lost a lot of money. I was one of them. I first I a had a dream to make money online, but this dream turned into nightmare when I lost a lot of money  and I enter in full debt.

From this bad experience I learned that before you decided to enter in an online business,, you have to read a lot of information and to create a good plan, a strategy. NEVER start something without a clear plan.


Before investing a huge amount of money, wait and construct a business plan and a good strategy marketing.

Bellow I have described: what product to promote (sell); what affiliate program, company to choose;  how to get your affiliate link; open your first site and enter there your affiliate link; choose your plugins for the site. Up here, it is described the biggest part of the PLAN.


So the business plan has to maintain the solution for this questions:


  • What product to sell online
  • How to find the keyword
  • What is your target market
  • Is the product that you are selling required in the market
  • Where will you sell the product
  • How to create your site and enter the affiliate link
  • How to promote your site


If you successfully pass all these steps, you will see your bank account added day by day.


Creating a strategy plan and a marketing strategy, in the beginning may seems easy, but it is not. It is a hard work to make all the plan correct. You can review the strategy as many time as you get more information about all the process. The process of reviewing the strategy is very important, because it helps you what is wrong and what it is not.



  1. Choose the right Hosting Company


Up to the internet you may find a lot of free hosting companies, that are offering free domain name, free hosting. At first this may seems cool, because it is free, but it is not. They have a lot of problem such as: speed problem with the site, fracture network etc. I recommend you to register in a seriously hosting company.



  1. Create the right design for site with the right words


If you look up in the internet you will see different site with different design. Sites with more professional design have success and make more sell then a common site. If people see a common site, they directly will think that the company is not professional, not seriously, and it may be fake. So be careful when you choose your design for the site.

Another think to keep in mind is to choose the right works that you will write in the site. Don’t remember that you have open site to make sales for the affiliate product, so at first you have to describe the product, to make marketing about it, to describe how the product can solve the problem, and also to give some general information on “HOW to solve the problem” to attract the people and to make them buy the product.


  1. Drive traffic to your site


One of the biggest questions on the internet is HOW to get traffic to your site. This is the big clue. Yes, you can open a site, it is not to much difficult, but will NEVER succeed if you don’t get traffic to your site, if the people don’t visit your site.

There are a lot of company that are offering traffic site, but be careful what to choose.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams

Ceo/Founder of Arise Zone at Arise Zone
Hi! I'm Mike Adams, a guy from Kentucky, in love with online business. I'm the one behind of this blog. The reason why I created this is to share helpful stuff not only for money or economy in general, but for making money online.This site is THE BEST to generate money online and create online business. I can help you with any question you have commenting here or at official email:
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Mike Adams
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Hi! I'm Mike Adams, a guy from Kentucky, in love with online business. I'm the one behind of this blog. The reason why I created this is to share helpful stuff not only for money or economy in general, but for making money online. This site is THE BEST to generate money online and create online business. I can help you with any question you have commenting here or at official email: arisezone@gmail.com Love you Mike :)